Reach a wider audience for your business with good content and proper SEO practices.

At PSW we research your business needs, your potential clients and your competition on the market as a starting point for optimizing your website. Once we have the basic data, our copywriters then work on your website’s frontend and backend to optimize it for search and indexing.


SEO Content is King - PSW Solutions

Good SEO starts with good content that utilizes (but does not overuse) keywords relevant to your business domain. The more useful and well written your content, the more traffic it attracts, as well as encourages links to be made to your website (which in turn boosts your ranking in search engines and drives more traffic to your site).

Meta SEO and Sitemap

Here is where we update your title tags, meta descriptions and H1 tags to boost your ranking in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization - PSW Solutions

Optimizing Usability

We also work on optimizing your site images according to best practices, as well as load time and other usability functions on your website. We also build your site architecture to be optimized for search and better ranking.