Whether you want to develop your mobile app for a specific platform or device, tablets, smartphones or both, we have the solution for you.

In a world of growing reliance on mobile devices and their applications, joining the hype is a sure way to bring forth a new idea or business or to boost the growth of your existing business. At PSW, we offer you our technical expertise as well as our creativity to create an application that people will want to download and use.

How We Work

We start from the infrastructure and up! Our team consults with you and gathers information about what you are looking for, what you expect to achieve through your application, how you want to convey info to your audience, and how you want users to view that information and on what devices.

We then offer you our expertise and knowledge on the subject to determine the structure of the application, UX engineering, UI design, the best software to use, and what platform to develop the app in. All this includes sections of the app, how users will browse it, how they will navigate from one feature to the next, and so on.

Languages We Use

Our dynamic team is always sure to keep up with the latest technologies related to mobile apps development, as well as with the appropriate languages that will deliver the best results. Whether you choose a single platform for your application, or multiple platforms, we have the know-how to deliver the best results.

Some of the languages we are fluent in are:

HTML5-based frameworks

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Native frameworks

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Swift Icon
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Objective C
Android Apps Development - PSW Mobile App Development Solutions

Android Apps

Developing a mobile application for Android ensures that your product reaches a wide audience of people who use smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and many other smart home devices.

While developing your mobile application for Android, we keep in mind all the different uses and devices your audience may engage in. Our development language of choice in this case is Java.

iOS Apps Development - PSW Mobile App Development Solutions

iOS Apps

There is a large audience for iPhone and Ipad users, so developing your mobile application for this platform makes business sense. Our team is ready to create a mobile application you can be proud to publish on the Apple Store.

We are fluent in Apple’s development tools and guidelines, and we mainly use Objective C and Swift to develop mobile applications specifically for the IOS platform.