Smart Your Life with Smart TVs

Smart Your Life with Smart TVs

- May 28, 2013

Welcome to the first installment of the Smart Your Life here at PSW Group. I am sure we are not alone in being fascinated with the new trends in technology, going smart in everything, from smartphones smart applications, smart TVs, smart homes and so on. It makes you wonder how far technology can go and what the limits are. So far it seems the only limit is the imagination, and that is boundless. Let’s begin with a technology we personally here at PSW Group want, really want: The Smart TV.

The truth is that the shift towards Smart TVs was inevitable seeing how our experiences as viewers have changed. In fact, the whole concept of entertainment has changed in the past few years from passive nights in front of the TV, to more active viewing experiences with the rise of YouTube Netflix Vimeo and others. Choosing what to watch, when to watch it and how you choose to watch it has become the norm. What adds to the active trend of entertainment and viewing is the social media factor: you watch something, you like it, you share it on different social media platforms for others to see and comment. That’s the reality of our entertainment trends these days. So, we are no longer bound by what TV networks have to show us, we can choose the genres we want, the type of movies, shows, news, music, videos we want to see. No more bored nights flipping through channels in frustration!

What is a Smart TV in a nutshell?

What are Smart TVs? In general, they are basically smart boxes that allow you to control your own viewing experience. After all, why should your mobile browsing be different from your TV experience? The most notable thing about Smart TVs and the most obvious is the integration of the Internet into the traditional viewing experience. Smart TVs feature such applications as YouTube, Netflix and Accuweather and most Smart TVs give you the option of downloading more applications and expand your viewing experience. Another feature of Smart TVs is the inclusion of the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)which enables sharing with other devices you own, such as laptop, media box or even phone.

Smart Your Life with Smart TVs

What are some Smart TVs out there?

There are many brands of Smart TVs on the market, each with different features, functions and capabilities. In this article we are going to briefly discuss the Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV and Google TV.

Apple TV

Smart Your Life - Apple TV

Apple has been covering so many aspects of the technology market for many years including the MAC laptop with its superior graphics component to the iPod, iPad, iPhone to name a few. Apple TV, the latest installment in the Apple repertoire of technology features the following:

  • 1080 HD Screen Viewing
  • Playing content from computer, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch using Airplay
  • iTunes movies and TV shows
  • Viewing of Photos, Music and Videos
  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • YouTube and Vimeo
  • Flickr
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • WSS

Samsung Smart TV

Smart Your Life - Samsung Smart TV

Samsung is a pioneer in technology in so many different domains and the Samsung Smart TV promises not to disappoint. It offers:

  • TV Shows and Movies
  • Live TV and Movies
  • Streaming material from other Samsung devices you own through AllShare
  • Special Media Connections
  • Ability to download more Apps
  • Voice Interaction
  • The "Smart Evolution" Kit that allows you to upgrade your Smart TV without having to buy a new model.

Google TV

Smart Your Life - Google TV

Google TV is interesting in that it can operate under 2 different systems or in 2 different ways: it comes as either an integrated TV or a Buddy Box that connects via HDMI to your existing TV. Google TV has the following fixed features:

  • Chrome
  • YouTube
  • Google Play

We are in no way advocating or advertising one Smart TV over another, we are only giving you a peek at what is out there, and all we want to say is that just as Smartphones have become part and parcel of modern everyday life, Smart TVs are not far behind in the race. After all, we are already using so many features of the Smart TV, features we cannot live without, all that’s missing is taking them from the small(er) screen of laptop and phone to the bigger TV screen.

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