Iron Man Technology at Your Fingertips!

Iron Man Technology at Your Fingertips!

- May 07, 2013

Seen the latest installment of Iron Man? If you haven’t then surely you still know of Tony Stark’s assistant J.A.R.V.I.S (Just A Rather Very intelligent System) and if you are anything like us, then you dream of developing/owning a computer that can project 3D images into thin air that you can then manipulate. If you haven’t seen any of the Iron Man movies, or haven't heard of/seen images of Stark's amazing technology, then this blog is not for you – sorry pal.

How far away are we from this kind of technology? Maybe not too far away after all.

A few years back, Chad Barraford created his own Jarvis using a Mac Mini, a wireless microphone, an RFID tag reader and wall speakers. Two weeks of coding, and his Jarvis was functional. Barraford programed his Jarvis to wake him up in the morning, give him weather updates and yes even to handle his migraines! For more on this, check out this article on Popular Mechanics.

Jarvis has struck such a note in people that you also have iPhone and Android applications going by that name capable of performing different tasks. Interested? Checkout the apps on Google Play and App Store.

But perhaps the most interesting development in the Iron Man related technology is the 3D computer images manipulation. Leap Motion Controller is a new advanced technology that allows you to control your computer with only gestures; Leap works alongside the keyboard and mouse and other computer accessories for what promises to be a truly remarkable experience. The Leap Motion Controller is a small device, 3 inches long, that you plug into your computer and leap away!

Leap in Hand

The website for this technology ( promotes it for learning, typing, drawing, playing games, web browsing, and in the spirit of Iron Man to “Sculpt, mold, stretch, bend, and build 3D objects. Take things apart and put them back together.”

As exciting as this sounds, we all have to wait for this technology to become available to the general public. The Leap Motion Controller device is only available for pre-sale.

The Leap Motion Controller in Action

In his brilliant novel Around the World in Eighty Days, science fiction writer Jules Vernes says: “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.”

This is becoming more and more true as Science Fiction turns into reality, step by step, one application, one device at a time. Leap is one such step, as for Jarvis, well in addition to the applications we mentioned earlier in this blog, home automation is a step in that direction as well, right?

Stark-Like Futuristic Gadgets that Helps Building Your Own